Les Miserables Movie Poster is All About Chest Hair


Haha, what the fuck is this? If I didn’t know any better, I’d think this poster was advertising for a movie exclusively about chest hair.


Chest Hair: The Movie

  • Starring Chest Hair
  • Produced by Chest Hair
  • Written by Chest Hair,
  • From a Novel by Chest Hair
  • And Directed by Chest Hair

(Sounds fucking riveting.)

I mean, Jesus Christ, Universal, if you wanted me to blog about your stupid Les Miserables movie so goddamned much, all you had to do was ask.

It’s a fan-made poster.

Calm le hairy tits.

This is the guy’s website: http://anthonymatula.com/blog/?p=247

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    *NODS* I want to have faith in it - I just sometimes worry about Hollywood adaptions of musicals not quite catching the...
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    It’ll be brilliant because Hugh Jackman can both sing and act and open a movie. Most musical movies in the past 20 years...
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    The sad thing is I would totally see such a movie.
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    I don’t know, I would watch a movie about Chest Hair.
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    It’s a fan-made poster. Calm le hairy tits. This is the guy’s website: http://anthonymatula.com/blog/?p=247
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